Artificial Intellignce Supply Chain & Process Optimization

Optimize with Artificial Intelligence and Profit . .

AISCOT’s ArtifiOptomize Supply Chain or Manufacturing Processcial Intelligence Supply Chain Optimizer (AISCO) and Process Control Optimizer (AIPCO) maximize profits and reduce costs.

Get more from less. Better yields, better quality, more capacity, more extraction of recycled items, more high-value products with less capital, less raw material, fewer people, and less energy.

Reduce Inventories. Improve Service Levels. Optimize Deployment of Products. Boost Profits.

Today Indian Industry faces a common challenge: to stay competitive. To do so they must produce and distribute better quality goods faster and more cost effectively. Make the right products — on-spec, on time. Minimize energy and raw material costs. Comply with environmental and safety requirements. Exploit the e-business opportunities before the competitor does.

Artificial Intelligence AI

Turn this challenge into a strategic competitive advantage. Using the state of the art Artificial Intelligence Optimization Algorithms, AI Supply Chain & Optimization Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. (AISCOT) offer powerful modules to the Indian industries.

AI Process Control Optimizer (AIPCO) can drive the success of your manufacturing process based on actual asset performance. It models the production process, synthesises and analyses. For example, in the carbonating towers of Soda Ash manufacturing, where Ammonia and Brine (NaCl) in liquid form flow from the top and 70% and 40% CO2 is pumped from the base and the side, a complex reaction takes place throughout the height of the towers (about 100 ft). Yield of the product (NaHCO3), which is taken out from the base (continuous process) along with 16 other components, is maximized by APCO by modeling and simulating this chemical and physical process, controlling real-time the feed of CO2, Brine and Ammonia, and optimizing various parameters Process Controlusing Artificial Intelligence, Thermodynamics, C++ , control strategies and solving real-time 300 simultaneous equations, improving the efficiency by 3 – 4%. All the parameters are interdependent and affect numerous aspects of the process critically.

AI Supply Chain Optimizer (AISCO) modules: EN-Opt (Enterprise Network Optimizer & Capacity Planning), ADO (Advanced Distribution Optimizer).

It uses linear and combinatorial constraint program algorithms / models for optimization. Based on demand for all SKUs at different locations / depots,  capacity constraints of different factories, variable costs (manufacturing, transportation, taxes etc.)  N-Opt generates the time-phased optimized plans for the next n(12) periods for the production (and deployment) of all SKUs from different factories (to different locations/depots).

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ADO then deploys finished goods in an optimised manner from multiple factories to mother godowns to Distribution Centres to distributors to retailers on a day to day basis. It also has embedded Truck Building Logic, Supply Chain Designer (SCD) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) modules.